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In a watery world of pain, rescuers bring a cure to any who want their thirst satisfied. But many in pain turn to cheap substitutes, eventually finding themselves deeper and deeper in a meaningless life with a bleak future.

Thirst is a haunting allegory in a water-filled world with the constant fear of what lurks just below the surface. Some of the danger rises out of the deep to destroy, while other danger is self-inflicted; but safety isnโ€™t a destination or a guarantee to those who have the cure. Can redemption exist in a world that works against each character?

Thirst beckons the reader to evaluate their own cure for pain to see if it truly quenches. Through the eyes of key characters, author Jodi Cowles parses out the consequences of deliberate and passive choices in faith, life, and relationships, while looking for where light emerges from the darkness.

This poignant allegory is for people who love stories with depth, parallel meaning, and those who hold out for hope.

What readers are saying:

“Captivating and unlike anything else I’ve ever read.”
– P.K. Amazon Review

“This is an easy read, not because it is short, but because it is action packed and unfolds like a puzzle. You can’t wait to discover what’s next and how all the events are tied together. Once you start reading THIRST, you won’t put it down until you are finished.”
– M. Amazon Review

“The analogy is beautifully written and is grippingly honest in its depiction of the fight for life that goes on deep inside us. Like any truly great analogy, it touches on realities and truths in powerful ways we’re not otherwise ready to reckon with directly. Thirst is a story that sticks with you and gives insight long after you’ve read it.โ€
– P. Amazon Review

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