The Minor Protection Act

Minor Protection Act Cover

20th Anniversary Edition, Coming Soon!

What happens when your beliefs no longer align with the majority? What if, fed up with the backward behaviors of the minority, that same majority decides to act for the “common good” and legislate appropriate behavior?

Would your beliefs and behaviors make the cut? And what would you do If your strongest-held beliefs are no longer tolerated?

What readers are saying:

“If pro-lifers are basically terrorists, if Christian fundamentalism is harmful to our world, if disapproval of homosexuality is the same as racism, why on Earth shouldn’t the government take away these children? Thoughts and ideas have consequences, and for me, TMPA brought this point home.”
– A.G. Amazon Review

“I recently read this fine novel, and as a parent who has chosen to home educate my children, this was a frightening wake-up call! Although fiction, the concept is only an election results night away from becoming reality! Jodi recognizes that our country is at the crossroads, and she is trumpeting her message in a creative, page-turning way! Don’t miss this book, and DON’T take the blood-bought freedom of this country for granted!! Bravo, Jodi!!”
– K.F. Amazon Review

“In a compelling storyline filled with characters who matter, Jodi Cowles realistically shows the consequences of “political correctness” taken to its logical conclusion. Cowles shows how crusaders caught up in the moment lose sight of the actual results their “political victories” lead to. Lives are ruined when PC idealogues reign.”
– W. G. C. Amazon Review

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