Cold Turkey

Hoodwinked by the charming smile and dishy British accent of an international school administrator, Amanda says farewell to her simple and predictable American life in exchange for a teaching position in Turkey, a country featuring fasting, feasting, and frequent calls to prayer. 

She soon finds herself caught up in a colorful—and often perplexing—life as a foreigner in Turkey. Navigating a never-ending leaking bathroom, crowded public transportation, and plenty of foibles in a language completely foreign to her, Amanda jumps in with humor and enthusiasm. 

Discovering Turkey’s rich culture, impressive street food and friendly (if slightly intrusive) inhabitants enamors Amanda at first, but as the school year grinds on, the newness and excitement wear off. As her challenges begin piling up, Amanda questions her decision and longs for home. But, deep down, she is beginning to fall in love with this crazy and chaotic metropolis and the people who live in it.

Cold Turkey is for those who enjoy exploring new destinations, travel humor, and the joy (and anxiety) of being a stranger in a strange land. A modern-day Pride and Prejudice collides–up close and personal–with daily Turkish life, like they’re smashed together on a crowded, steamy public bus.

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