There Is Victory If You’ll Grasp It.

he looks from every angle
and he pokes around each turn
with eager expectation
of each weakness, he will learn

he is snooping and he’s starving
just one more luscious little bite
of your flesh and bone and soul
each time he leads you from the light

you may think that he’s your friend
because he offers so much fun
but each morning’s dawn is darker
and my advice to you is run

if you don’t, it’s shame and awful
and whatever would they think?
in the dark and so alone
he’ll rub your face in all that stink

but the light is antiseptic
and the power of truth is sure
don’t believe those lies he’s spoken
or even touch his offered “cure”

keep your guard up now, be quick
call to your friend and hit the floor
lock your heart up, guard your exits
he’s right here crouching at your door

no, he’s not playing any game
he knows the evil that you crave
and he’ll escort you right on down to hell
right to that dirty grave

so guard your ears and guard your eyes
and if you have to, chop your hand
because the battle is no joke
he longs to take back all your land

though he’s losing ground each day
already lost the largest fight
he screams in anger, violent, restless
fighting still with all his might

he’s a loser, and a mean one
he’ll rip your every cell in two
put on that armor, call for help
and trust the One who pulls you through

the One who guards your mouth if you but ask
blocks you from those wicked deeds
stops your tongue from tasting evil
things your heart says that it needs

there is victory if you’ll grasp it
you need not lay there in your shame
trust the One who is victorious
with all your might cling to His Name

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