You Wrap Me in Your Favor.

You wrap me in Your favor
and You pour on me Your grace
You fill me with Your presence
and You turn to me Your face

who am I, clearly unworthy
yet You’ve called me as Your own
not by any single thing I’ve done
You brought me to Your throne

You placed me smack dab in Your kingdom
and You gave to me Your hand
You changed my chaos for Your peace
and gave to me this fulsome land

who am I, I am your child
and Your servant and Your friend
of Your faithfulness and mercy
I have never met the end

You are strong and ever mighty
You are the root of all that’s true
Yours is the victory of all victories
the fount of mercies ever new

thank You for this day You’ve given
thank You for the grace to stand
and when the strength is all but gone
the grace to fall upon Your hand

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