These Empty Graves

the premise was preposterous
a God man come to us
descended from the highest heights
to walk here in the dust

the gods we knew were cruel and mean
demanding endless sacrifices
that changed from day to day to day
at ever-increasing, costly prices

and we had to prop those gods of ours
they were powerless to stand
we made them, formed them, knelt before
what we could hold in our small hand

who was this man who claimed to be
the one God, the I am
what kind of nerve to be so bold
to draw a line there in the sand

He talked and talked, told stories strange
and we listened without comprehension
the things He said drew us anew
and His actions drew attention

He backed up those words each day
and showed a power never seen
and we wondered and we dared to hope
that our sins could be washed clean

and then He died, left us desolate
but before the weekend finished
He rose again and changed the story
and the power of death diminished

He shattered time and space and how
the world so far had run
and made a way, a path, a chance
to reach, to climb, to touch the Son

now maybe you find this nonsense
here today wrapped in your pain
perhaps for you it is too simple
that He could just erase that shame

but I will tell you, testify right here
that I know this to be true
this God man came and loved and died
and rose to life anew

I once was blind, I once was lost
I once was dead in shame
and He came to me, He changed my life
and nothing is the same

with one great, mighty earthquake
He moved the stone of my dead heart
and He shattered me with joy
as He tore my sin and shame apart

here today if you look closely
you’ll see a string of empty graves
of countless lives that He’s restored
countless children He forgave

are you tired, worn and weary?
do these words of mine seem false and cold?
how long have you coddled and carried
those false gods of yours you hold?

please look at them, just one hard look
see the cruelty in their dead eyes
there’s a Savior who has loved you
sees you as an everlasting prize

it’s so easy to stand beside Him
He’s done all the work there is to do
a child most beloved and longed for
He wants your empty grave here, too

amazing grace how sweet that sound
it’s life and freedom to our ears
and it’s still the same bright victory song
after these two thousand years

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