to sit here is to remember
to remember what was lost
to exist in this black rubble
and to ponder what it cost

Sunday’s coming but they don’t know yet
can you imagine their despair
all the pain and deep confusion
trouble breathing that foul air

to have known You, walked beside You
to have seen You in the flesh
then to see that flesh combusted
crown and whip and sword and stress

in that grave You lay unbreathing
and Your people lost and low
cowering on their knees and fearful
unrecovered from the blow

nameless women who’d been seen
the very first time in their lives
sitting still and small and broken
at the closing of Your eyes

help us sit with them in darkness
remember those who still are there
who do not know Sunday is coming
who have no strength to lift a prayer

there are so many here who sit
in this bleak darkness all alone
who cannot see that light has broken
who have not heard that they are known

to sit with them, oh it is costly
reminds us of our old grave clothes
and the stench of hopelessness
burns our heart and soul and nose

remind us of our time in darkness
when we were dead and You were there
You came for us in those hell-moments
and brought us up from that despair

but still so many dead in graves
so many waiting to be free
help us to follow Your example
and sit with them until they see

You gave us Sunday, yes it’s coming
where we will dance with You and sing
of all Your praises and Your goodness
and to Your throne our crowns we’ll bring

but for today it’s Saturday
and we’re surrounded by the dark
by the stink of death and rancid deeds
the shame that staggers every heart

help us to love them as You did
help us to see them with Your eyes
help us remember time is fleeting
and that quite soon to You we’ll rise

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