wounded for our iniquities
beaten for our shame
chastised for our transgressions
and bloodied for our pain

betrayed for all our snide remarks
taunted for each my truth we live
whipped for our disobedience
each time we failed to forgive

today we here remember
we remember where You’ve been
we remember blood unbodied
and the grave we put You in

but it was not us who put You there
it was Your Father’s will
to pay a price that we could not afford
without You we’d owe it still

we were barred from ever entering
that home for which we were made
though we yearned for it down deep inside
helpless in beds of death we laid

so today we here remember
we remember what it cost
though we do not understand at all
what in the ground You lost

You took that weight upon Yourself
that crushed us in the grave
and crushed, Yourself, You showed the way
and all our sin forgave

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