Psalm 153 (text version)

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My neighbor’s garden is so lovely
my cousin’s yard so large and lush
my dear friend’s view a stunning mountain
my uncle’s life with friends so flush

And they call to me like Asherah
they whisper songs to me like Baal
their words full of such sweet deception
they pave the slippery slope to hell

Oh Lord, why this incessant lust
that fills my soul with discontent
why can’t I stay the course you’ve given
why must my path be always bent

Adulterous heart, you are deceitful
and to wandering you are prone
chock full of stone and hard cement
not a pure thought to call your own

You say Your plans for me are perfect
and that Your ways are glorious
that You’ve placed me in this space
picked out before all time for us

But I don’t want to be here
I’d choose almost any other place
I want the ease, I want the beauty
I want a whole lot more blank space

And so I hold this cup, please take it
I lift it to my mouth and groan
My bones they tremble as I sip
oh please, oh please can I come home

Yet not my will but Thine be done
it is the safest course I know
and I also know You’re with me
and just how much to You I owe

You say Your plans for me are perfect
the work before us will be good
and since You only speak things that are true
I will repeat them as I should

So I’ll give my heart this lecture
and I’ll say words that are true
until my soul at last remembers thirst
can only be quenched by You

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