Isaiah 26:12-15 (*text version)

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Long ago there were vast giants
roaming all throughout this land
they were raging, they were roaring
devouring everything at hand

And the land was full of groaning
and the ground was full of pain
and the very dust cried out at the
great weight of so much shame

And the years blurred by in agony
as the structures fell apart
a cry with every new destruction
and each new cracking of the heart

And then one day in walked a Stranger
gentle, quiet, full of wrath
there and then began a war
nothing short of a blood bath

And by little and by little
sometimes inches at a time
crushed those giants as He conquered
each one crashed, all down the line

But those giants I had worshiped
and I screamed as each one fell
though they beat me and abused and
dragged my soul through so much hell

There was blood, there was such blood
and such an awful lot of pain
and there were seasons so extended
full of grey and full of rain

And then one day there fell a silence
a peace profound upon my heart
and that first second rage was stilled
it almost made me come apart

Because the battle was pronounced
by breaking that last rebellious bone
and the sword was put away
as my new King took up His throne

Giants once so large with violence
fully too much for me to beat
muzzled now by earth once ruled
a string of graves write their defeat

And we walked along together
and I let You finally steer
and I watched in frank amazement
at each dead thing that stood to cheer

And year by year I watched those graves
as they slowly, surely fell apart
til none remained but dust and ashes
an echo, a memory on my heart

There are luscious, vast green fields now
there are streams and rivers, too
there are colors and there are wonders
and all point straight back up to You

To the Name above all Names
Whom we now only see in part
the One who brought down every giant
for love of my unbeating heart

And by this You’ve gained the glory
in me, extended out Your reign
and I, full up to bursting rise
to shout with joy Your Name

You alone do we here honor
all You alone here now have done
as we wait for that soon day
when our race will, at last, be won