Notes from the Collective.

Volume 6: the Jacker Revolution in Branch 12, 384-412 PST

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As mentioned in my previous volumes, this series is an attempt to provide as extensive a history as possible of the Jacker phenomenon, as witnessed in each of its various iterations throughout the 16 branches of our species.

Unlike several of our branches who broke from the Collective immediately, or others who swung from side to side each time a certain number of generations passed, Branch 12 has the unique qualifier of majority adherence to the Collective until approximately the mid-350’s, Pulse Standard Time (PST), when early reports began to surface about Jacking in the outer settlements.

There is some disagreement about the official start of the Jacker Revolution in 12 — I have chosen to date it from 384 PST when the first shots were fired. From that point the Jacked population increased rapidly until full scale war broke out in 401 (when the Collective made the decision to go lethal), which is the date others have used in the past. I respect that decision, but my choice makes more sense to me.

This report includes interviews with as many surviving members of the Branch 12 community who lived through the revolution as were willing to talk to me. I appreciate the honor they each showed me by allowing me to roam with them through their memories of that difficult time. Some of them were veterans with serious scars, many had lost close family and friends, and almost all remembered the period with deep personal regret.

Also integral to this volume was my search through the extensive archives maintained by Branch 12. Special thanks go to Julio Jackson Hussein, Head Archivist at Messages from the Collective. Without his assistance this volume would not have been as rich and detailed as I would have liked.

If there are errors, they are mine alone, and I accept full responsibility for them.

On a personal note, the research into Branch 12’s fall from grace was extremely challenging for me. As seasoned readers of this series already know, as a Branchless I was born without the inner ear, thus can neither receive messages from the Collective, nor be Jacked. I find once again it both saddens, and gladdens my heart, depending on which side of the war I’m currently researching. It does also aid my research that I am not subject to the Pulse. I hope both the Branched and Branchless find this volume as interesting to read as I found it to research.

Sarah Ellicott
623 PST
Branchless, Settlement Seven

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