His kindness led me to a place
I never would have gone
a realm of strangeness, full of hate
His hand brought me along

His kindness broke my back upon
that rod so long and hard
twisted my body to and fro
amidst that desolate yard

While others suffered by my side
I thought of only me, so
His kindness kept twisting the knife
as I struggled to break free

And when at last I’d had enough
when my body’d given out
I looked to heaven, full of hate
and heaved a mighty shout

His kindness pushed me down so hard
I lay gasping in the mud
the grave it opened all around
the stench of hell a flood

In His kindness He broke every bone
my body, how He pummeled
if only I had known at first
my pride I would have crumbled

But there upon the verge of death
His kindness was completed
when I called His name He came so fast
that hell itself retreated

He reached His hand, grabbed hold of mine
we slipped those chains with ease
He breathed new life o’er every cell
and drowned me in His peace

Oh His kindness looked not how
nor what I ever had expected
but it was worth each injury to see
my soul, how He protected

It was His kindness that did crush me
and here now I testify
though at times I could do nothing but
hang my head right down and cry

It was His kindness that did lead me
on that day to Calvary’s tree
broken, beaten, dying, faint
I did at last there bend my knee

He walked with me through broken trails
through paths shadowed with death and fear
and He would trod each one again
He counts my soul so very dear

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